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Executive's Club 2016, The Mortgage Center Rookie Of The Year 2016, YourMortgageYourWay.ca

As a licensed mortgage specialist with over 13 year’s experience in Brantford, the GTA and surrounding areas, I have access to multiple lenders and mortgage rates. I pride myself in my ability to advocate for my clients’ needs – acting as the intermediary between my clients and the lenders who provide their mortgage loans.

Purchasing a property is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever have to make, and I understand that you want to be confident about your investment. With access to a all of the big banks, non-traditional and even private lenders, I will negotiate the lowest rate for you, regardless of your financial circumstances. I bring in-depth product knowledge and valuable industry insight to the negotiation process – giving you the competitive edge you need to find the right mortgage. From completing paperwork to negotiating with lenders, I do all of the leg work for you. At all times, I strive to provide service that is highly personalized and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Steve Dostal


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The Mortgage Centre has provided various types of lending facilities that meet the financing need of borrowers. The Mortgage Centre is a Mortgage Brokerage that has a niche focus on main stream, commercial and private financing.

As one of Canada’s most established mortgage brokerage networks, we have earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and successful mortgage brokerage. We combine a proven track record of lending performance with a broad range of products and services that allow us to offer timely and flexible financing solutions to our clients.

The Mortgage Centre understands what “time sensitive” really means and does its best to provide Letters of Intent and Commitments in a timely manner to allow agents to fulfill the requirements of their clients while keeping the agents fully informed.


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  • Unprecedented service level
  • Time saving solutions
  • Access to multiple lenders
  • Access to preferred rates
  • Less chance of refusal
  • Private lending solutions
  • Personalized service
  • Fast pre-approvals
  • Lower application fees
  • Access to exclusive deals
  • Credit counselling
  • Debt management


Steve Dostal, The Mortgage Warrior, live on TSN 1050, home of the “Grit Grinder” with Hayes, Noodles and the O-Dog on OverDive.

The Mortgage Warrior live with Fred and Mel on the Fearless Fred Show on 102.1, The Edge.

The Mortgage Warrior live with Fred and Mel on the Fearless Fred Show on 102.1, The Edge.

The Mortgage Warrior live on “The Todd Shapiro Show”, on SiriusXM, channel 168


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The Mortgage Warrior, Steve Dostal, appeared on the Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM, channel 168.



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The Mortgage Warrior commercial on The Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM, channel 168.



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